New Malware Attack Renders All Antivirus Useless

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New Malware Attack Renders All Antivirus Useless

Messaggioda zen67 » 13 mag 2010, 9:26

Security research site recently issued an advisory for a process that allows malware to evade security detection. Note that this doesn't just apply to Microsoft's free Security Essentials software or other freeware antivirus products, but also targets full software packages from industry leaders like Norton, BitDefender and McAfee.

Matousec's Morphing Malware
According to reports, researchers compiled mock malware software with the capability of morphing its shape at any time. The trick? Once a security program discovers the problematic code, the specially-designed malware can actually switch out that code in order to infect the system.

The trick is called an "argument-switch attack," and makes catching viruses about as easy as pinpointing a shape-shifter in a crowd. The tactic is particularly successful on multicore processors, because one thread often fails to keep track of simultaneous threads. In the end, Windows PCs are tricked into allowing the infection to spread.

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Re: New Malware Attack Renders All Antivirus Useless

Messaggioda Lionsquid » 13 mag 2010, 13:14

visto... angosciante :eek:

e dire che affidiamo sempre più la nostra vita a sistemi estremamente vulnerabili :uh:
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